Feng Shui Color Mastery

How to Use Colors at Home for Better Health, Relationships and Financial Wealth.

From Thailand’s #1 Feng Shui Mentor Comes the 8-Week Experiential Webinar Series:

Feng Shui Colors for Personal Mastery

How to Use Colors at Home for Better Health, Relationships and Financial Wealth.

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In this on Demand Course, you will learn how your home colors influence your life in significant ways. And, how to use this influence to transform your life.

I’m sure.

You have heard a lot of “Feng Shui” advice before.  

Maybe you have even tried Feng Shui cures and lucky objects, self-proclaimed “Feng Shui Masters” have recommended.

For many, they feel frustrated, having tried a lot of Feng Shui things – with little to no results. I’m not surprised!

Popular Feng Shui, from the Chinese lineage, is not the original form of Feng Shui. In fact, it’s even missing the key piece of nature’s puzzle that makes it all click. 

When you are ready to learn what that is, read on.

$198/month for 3 months
NOW $149/month for 3 months

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient study of nature that describes and explains exactly how we are connected with our surroundings and how this connection impacts us in our everyday habits and lifestyles.

That’s why:

Authentic Feng Shui principles can accurately predict your life, just from your home. Because our surroundings literally shape our life.

With an undertanding of Feng Shui, you are able to create small changes to your surroundings that guide your habits and behavior in ways which allow you to change your life, effortlessly, from the outside-in.

Meet Elisa

Elisa said that before studying Feng Shui positions with Aur, she always had trouble sleeping and had suffered acid reflux and breathing problems at night.

But, from the very first night after changing the position of her bed, she started sleeping more deeply than she had in years. And her health improved almost immediately!

Now, she claims that would never go back to sleeping in an “un-Feng Shui’d” bedroom.  smile

$198/month for 3 months
NOW $149/month for 3 months

Why Other Feng Shui Doesn’t Work

These days, there are a lot of self-professed “Feng Shui Masters”.

You’ve probably heard their advice too:

Have a red door for more opportunities, a water fountain for prosperity, and golden statues to increase your wealth and to be famous…

But, then when you follow their strange advice, nothing happens. Or worse… things go downhill!

That’s because…

It’s Bullshit.

(as Aur would say)


Over the many thousands of years that Feng Shui has been around, information has been passed down without a proper understanding of the underlying science to it all.

Think of it as the result of over 2,000 years of Chinese whispers.

The Right Colors and “Cures” are Different For Every House and Person According to Their Natural Elements.

In fact:

Where a red door may help your neighbor become wealthier, that same door could welcome sickness and problems into your family home.

But, what makes each household different?

Firstly, the elemental character of each house is different.  Each structure has it’s own influences, strengths, and weaknesses (with corresponding colors) which can be calculated using Aur’s Color Calculation system.

From this calculation, you will know:

  • How the house influences your health, mind, work, relationships, finances & more.
  • Specifically which colors will cause people to become ill or have problems.
  • What colors to use and where to put them to change your life from the outside, in.

But that’s not all…

Each individual is different. The way a color influences you vs how it will influence me is also different according to the day of the week we are born.

For example:

The color blue will generally make someone born on a Thursday more confident to get what they want…

whereas the same color will make a Sunday person go unnoticed and unappreciated when with others.

When putting both the individual elemental characteristics together with structural characters you can know the precise affect every color has on each person within ANY particular home or structure.

Which gives you…

The power to change your and your family’s life, in precise ways, using the colors you live in.

That’s what this course gives you.

$198/month for 3 months
NOW $149/month for 3 months

Welcome to the Family!

Aur has over 36,000 subscribers around the world. We love spending time together and see ourselves as one (huge) family.

How powerful is this opportunity to learn with a Real Mentor?

If you were lucky enough for Aur agree to a 1-on-1 like she did for over 20 years for many of today’s most successful individuals before retiring, you would have paid $5,000 per hour for her time, just like they did.

(Even at that price, they always said what they got in return was 100x more than what they paid.)

But, it isn’t about the money for Aur.

In fact:

In 2017, one of Aur’s clients offered her $6,000,000 to fix their hotel business.

She declined the money. Instead, she agreed to help them if they promised to donate the entire sum to help the homeless in Thailand (where Aur is from).

For Aur, she cares more about the value people gain from bettering their lives.

That’s why:

Aur won’t charge you thousands of dollars for over 8 hours of direct interaction with her (Although it’s totally worth it).

For all 8 weeks of these Live classes plus the 2 bonus classes with perhaps one of the most sought-after mentors in the world only costs a one-time registration payment of $497.

This is the lowest price Aur has ever offered (doubt it will stay this low).

In fact, most of Aur’s clients think she’s crazy to give her knowledge away so cheaply.

$198/month for 3 months
NOW $149/month for 3 months

Meet Moddy

Moddy shared that learning with Aur was a turning point in her life. Before learning with Aur, she had felt slightly adrift in life, not sure as to what she was looking for.

However, learning with Aur gave Moddy more meaning to the world arond her and…

…in her own words:

“Studying with Aur gave me a new life”

WE GUARANTEE You’ll Like it.

If after the first class you feel that this is not for you, you can un-enroll before the second class and receive a full refund. This makes Registering Today, completely risk-free for you.

$198/month for 3 months
NOW $149/month for 3 months

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