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From Thailand’s #1 Life Mentor Comes…

Experience a Guided Journey of Rapid Self-Discovery in this LIVE 8-Week Course

Gain ancient wisdom and tools, trusted and used by CEOs, Billionaires, and Royalty.

Hi! Thanks for checking out my LIVE 8-Week Rapid Self-Discovery course.

This is what you are looking for if you want to discover greater depths of yourself and others quickly

In this live course, I’m going to share how you can take the guesswork and struggle out of your personal development journey, for good.

I’m sure…

You have worked a lot on yourself.  Maybe even tried everything from self-help books to watching TED talks, attending seminars, meditation classes, yoga retreats or even enrolling in personal coaching.

For many, they feel they have learned a lot, BUT their life seems to be the same. That’s because they are missing the one piece of nature’s puzzle that makes it all click. 

When you are ready to take that next step in your own self-discovery, read on.

“Look Deep into Nature and You Will Understand Everything Better”

Albert Einstein

Why OTHER “Self Development” stuff often doesn’t work.?

You know that feeling…

There’s something missing.

You’ve heard wise gurus saying great Truths like: “everything’s connected” or, “everything happens for a reason”.

But, that doesn’t explain what nature has to do with you.  Here’s the Key that connects these deep universal Truths with your daily life:

Your Whole Life is Shaped by One Truth…

Your body, mind, emotions, spouse, and everything else in this world are made of (and influenced by) the same four classical elements.;

Earth   Air    Fire    Water

In fact:

YOU, all your relationships,  your actions, your daily moods and spending habits are all determined by the classical four elements and their distinct characteristics.  Here’s a simple example:

Earth, or more specifically, rock is stable and reliable. But, also stubborn and slow to change.

Can you think of someone in your life who is like that?

 Whereas water is more easy-going, always looking for the easiest path, and isn’t active unless it has to be.  Maybe someone you know comes to mind when thinking of these characteristics? But…

It’s not just your personality, this is everything.  

Every area of your life is influenced by this, elemental connection, and shaped by its qualities. But, there is one factor that makes it different for everyone:

What day of the Week were you born?

It may seem like a strange question at first, but ask yourself: Why did our ancestors create the calendar with 7 weekdays in the first place? It’s because:

They knew something profound that modern scientists still haven’t figured out. 

Want to know what it is? Here’s a hint….

The Original Weekdays were named after specific large bodies in our solar system:

Sunday – Day of the Sun

Monday – Day of the Moon

Tuesday – Day of Mars

(original Latin name: dies Martis meaning “day of Mars”)

Wednesday – Day of Mercury

(original Latin name: dies Mercurii meaning “day of Mercury”)

Thursday – Day of Jupiter

(original Latin name: Lovis dies meaning “day of Jupiter”)

Friday – Day of Venus

(original Latin name: dies Veneris meaning “day of Venus”)

Saturday – Day of Saturn

Each day, these planets align with earth differently, which has a huge impact on all of us. Big enough for our ancestors to base their whole calendar system around it, one which we still use to this day.

Just like our moon impacts the ocean’s tides and your emotions and mind, each large planet around us, influences the natural elements. And therefore you, and I, too.

This is especially true for the day any living being is born into this world. In fact, the day of the week on which you were born, shapes the entire rest of your life, personality, habits, preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.

That’s why our course is: 

The Nature of You:

An 8-Week LIVE Guided Journey of Rapid Self-Discovery

This course will give you a profound understanding of your self and others, and why your life is, the way it is. (PLUS, real-life and mindset guidance from Mentor Aur.)

During this course you will learn how to use Aur’s unique personality profiling system, called Taksa, to change your life forever.

After this course, you will:

  • Better understand every aspect of yourself.
  • Know other people, in-depth, instantly.
  • Optimize both your personal and professional relationships.
  • Have tools to speed up your own journey to personal development.
  • Enjoy a more grounded and satisfying understanding of life itself.
  • Know how to take control of your own destiny.
  • Have the tools to lead a more successful and fulfilling life.

When you register for the course, you gain access to 8-weeks of LIVE interactive classes full of knowledge, tools, and coaching you need to experience rapid personal discovery and development.

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Just one payment of:

$597 USD

For your security, all orders are processed securely through Paypal.

“Don’t wait for years or decades of trial and error to gain real personal growth.”

This course gives you the “behind the scenes” blueprints to life.

What Makes
“The Nature of You”
A Unique Experience?

1. Learn with the only Weekday Astrology Expert in the World.

Aur has worked with Forbes Billionaires, Heads of State, Royal families and A-list celebrities for over 25+ years.

The extensive wisdom and understanding of nature, human psychology, and ancient natural science she shares in her classes give students one of the quickest ways to real change.

By registering for “The Nature of You”, you get the same tools used by many of the World’s Elite.

2. Self-Discovery like nothing you have experienced before.

Learning about Taksa, Weekday astrology and your exact connection to and influences from the classical elements changes your whole world, instantly.

Many say that the new depths of self-awareness and levels of understanding you gain – not only of yourself but everyone – enriches your life deeper than you’ve experienced before.

Other students refer to learning Taksa as if your eyes are finally opened to the real truth of the world and yourself.

3. Join our classes LIVE from anywhere enjoy access to recordings.

We use the latest in Live-streaming webinar technology to bring Aur’s classes to you, wherever you are in the world.  With the simple click,  you can watch from any phone, tablet or computer.

Don’t have time to jump on the weekly live class? Don’t worry, as a Bonus to you, you will have access the recording of each week’s class and a written summary of every lesson. PLUS, you can directly email us any questions about your lessons.

Instructor Profile

Meet Aur: The Private Life and Spiritual Advisor to Many of the World’s Elite Individuals

Aur has worked with Brand Executives, Heads of State, Forbes 100 members, and Royalty in her 25+ years of private life, mind, and property consulting.

A long-time public spiritual leader and TV host in Thailand, Aur gained much of her knowledge through her own meditation practice and 1-on-1 study with reclusive monks, experts human behavior and respected spiritual gurus, including her own grandfather, who was famous throughout Thailand for his knowledge of nature, healing, and the mind.

Now retired from private consultations and TV, Aur spends her time coaching and training others in her vast knowledge.

In this guided Self-Discovery course, Aur is sharing her unique knowledge of nature’s connection with you to give you tools that will allow you to see an entirely new view of the world and yourself.

Within weeks of applying what I learned with Aur, I almost doubled my business and my relationship with my husband has improved immensely. 

Elisa James

Holistic Voice, Expert Coach

I have Aur to thank for everything I have today. Learning her Taksa changed my life. After years of searching, her teaching is the one thing that really helps.

Vick Umythy

CEO, Umythy Management

Aur taught me how to live in a way that always leads to positive results. I’ve learned how to communicate more effectively with clients and am making 10x more money.


Franchisee, Nissan

Each week you will gain new knowledge and tools.

Sure, after the 8-weeks, you will experience a noticeable change in how you see the world. You will know why your life is the way it is, and understand every other person in your life at a completely new level.

But, it’s deeper than that…

You will have control. You can decide your own destiny.

By learning how the connection between our lives and the world works, we are able to reverse-engineer our own self-improvement for fine attunement.

Here’s our schedule with the skills and tools you will gain each week after you Register:

All classes Stream Live from Bangkok, Thailand Monday mornings at 7:30 am -8:30 am local time. Remember to check what time this will be for you. Visit the Time Zone Converter Here.

Week 1.

You Will Discover Ancient Taksa
Sunday Evening, October 8th
(Monday morning, Oct 9th, Australia & Asia)

This is the week you will meet your teacher. You will discover the natural science your ancient ancestors knew and used to create vast empires. Experience the first step of freeing yourself from the mundane to see yourself truly and directly connected to the world around you.

Week 2.

You Will Explore Weekday Astrology
Sunday Evening, October 15th USA & CAN
(Monday morning, Oct 16th, Australia & Asia)

This week you will learn the how to know anyone’s core personality from the day of the week a person is born and see how what the day you were born says about you. This is the week you will get to know the 7 Archetypes of the most ancient natural personality profiling system in the history of the world.

Week 3.

You Will Learn How to Balance Your Body & Mind
Sunday Evening, October 22nd USA & CAN
(Monday morning, Oct 23rd, Australia & Asia)

This is the week we will dive further into the nature of each person’s body, according to the day they were born. You will learn about the right elemental nutrition for your body, common Taksa related health problems, and how the mind of each day of the week works differently.

Week 4.

You Will Learn How to Find Your Power
Sunday Evening, October 29th USA & CAN
(Monday morning, Oct 30th, Australia & Asia)

This week you will learn how to use Taksa to become more confident and learn to influence others, using their individual weaknesses against them.You will learn custom negotiation tools for your personal life (spouse, family, friends) and your work-life (boss, staff, and clients).

Week 5.

You Will Learn How to Enrich Your Work,
Love & Stability

Tuesday Evening, November 7th USA & CAN
(Monday morning, Nov 6th, Australia & Asia)

This week’s class explores each of the 7 archetypes Persona around work and love. Come to understand yourself and your spouse in more detail and learn how to become a better partner.Plus, find out what your natural career strengths and weaknesses are and what each person needs by nature to feel more stable and content in their life.

Week 6.

You Will Learn How to Master Your Wealth
Sunday Evening, November 12th USA & CAN
(Monday morning, Nov 13th, Australia & Asia)

This week you will learn how Taksa can explain all your financial habits and how to take control of your spending, and income. Imagine learning how to use the power of nature itself to improve your finances. That’s this week.PLUS Aur will share her own “think like a Billionaire Success tips” she has learned from the World’s Top 10 richest people.

Week 7.

You Will Learn How to Ascend Support & Habits
Sunday Evening, November 19th USA & CAN
(Monday morning, Oct 20th, Australia & Asia)

This is the week you learn what Taksa says about how your superiors and elders treat you and how to have support when you need it.
Also, this is the week where you learn the daily habits of the 7 Archetype personalities and know how they will act in most situations.

Week 8.

You Will Learn How to Become Your Best Self
Sunday Evening, November 26th USA & CAN
(Monday morning, Nov 27th, Australia & Asia)

This week is about bringing darkness to light. To know how to become our best self, we need to first know our bad side and how to improve ourselves, with REAL results. We delve into each archetypes natural weaknesses and share how each person can experience TRUE self-improvement.

Keep in mind that classes Stream Live from Bangkok, Thailand Monday mornings at 7:30 am -8:30 am local time. Check what time this will be for you at the Time Zone Converter.

All for just one payment of:

$597 USD

For your security, all orders are processed securely through Paypal.

Welcome to the Family!

Aur has over 35,000 students around the world.
We love spending time together and see ourselves as one (huge) family.

How powerful is this opportunity to learn with a Real Mentor? 

If you were lucky enough for Aur agree to a 1-on-1 like she did for over 20 years for many of today’s most successful individuals before retiring, you would have paid $5,000 per hour for her time, just like they did.

(Even at that price, they always said what they got in return was 100x more than what they paid. That’s how powerful this knowledge is)

But, it isn’t about the money for Aur.

In fact:

One of Aur’s clients recently offered her 7 figures (multiple million) to fix their hotel business.

She did help them but she declined the money. Instead, she requested they donate the entire sum to help the homeless and poor in Thailand (where Aur is from).

For Aur, it’s about the value people gain from bettering their lives using her knowledge.

That’s why:

In this program, you’re getting more than just a way to lead a more fulfilling life…

You have got 8 LIVE classes, each enhance an area of your life.

But don’t worry….

Aur won’t charge you thousands of dollars for over 8 hours of interaction directly with her. (Although it’s totally worth it)

To get access to all 8 weeks of these Live classes with perhaps one of the most sought-after mentors in the world only costs a one-time registration payment of $597.

This is the lowest price Aur has ever offered (doubt it will stay this low).

In fact, most of Aur’s clients think she’s crazy to give her knowledge away so cheaply.

So, just to summarize:

Tools and wisdom for life at Great Value

What you will experience by completing this 8-week program is so life-changing that many of Aur’s students say that the world would be a better place if more people studied with her. And that’s our goal. That’s why Aur is offering this whole problem PLUS the bonuses below, for one payment of $597.

+ WE GUARANTEE you will Like it.

If after the first two classes you feel that this is not for you, you can un-enroll and receive a full refund.
This makes Registering Today, completely risk-free for you.

Click the “Register Now” Button Below

Get Access to All 8 “The Nature of You” LIVE Classes + Student Bonuses

Included in this program

1. The Complete 8-Week “Nature of You” course. A LIVE interactive guided journey of rapid self-discovery with actionable tools and knowledge to change your life with fast life-transforming results.

3. A money-back guarantee until the date of your third week’s class. Be sure this course is right, at no risk to you.

Plus These Bonus Materials:

Lifetime access to class recordings.

+ Written summaries and worksheets for every class.

+ Access to facilitators by email 

All for just one payment of:

$597 USD

For your security, all orders are processed securely through Paypal.

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