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Your Home = Your Life

Your home is a complete structural representation of you. Each room in your home connects to a different area of your life. Your living room represents your thoughts on social life while your kitchen reveals your health and how you like to eat. We call this connection between life and structure – Feng Shui.

By looking at a person’s kitchen Feng Shui, we gain insight into how they like (or don’t like) to cook. Plus, how they interact with others they eat with at home, and what style of food they enjoy.

But first, we need one more piece to the puzzle. The way in which the location of the kitchen influences a person’s behavior. The answer to this is already in your mind, or more accurately, your brain.

Feng Shui kitchen
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You’ve probably heard of the theory about how the brain’s left and right hemispheres have different functions and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. What people don’t realize is that it isn’t logic vs. creativity. It’s masculinity and femininity. Ying and Yang.

Everything in this universe is a balance of two opposing forces. There’s an up and down, dark and light, left and right side to everything. It’s similar to your brain too. There are distinct male and female sides to everything.

Your home is the same.


Kitchen Feng Shui

In your home, there is also a male side and a female side. Everything on the right-hand side of a structure is under the influence of masculine characteristics. On the other hand, a more feminine force influences all actions, habits, and motivations on the left-side of the property. Same as the brain’s two hemispheres.

Every action you take (including cooking) is influenced by where you do it. That’s how your home reveals everything about you.  By seeing where the kitchen is within a house, we can tell straight away tell a person’s cooking and eating habits. 

For example, individuals with a kitchen on the right side of the house tend to like variety over routine in the kitchen. They enjoy trying new foods and get bored easily with the same old thing every night. All of which are simply man traits. 

This is in direct contrast to the character of a person who’s kitchen is on the left-hand side of a property. These people rather stick to what they know rather than trying anything new at home. They’re inclined to eating in a routine fashion and are more conscious of presentation. These are feminine traits associated with that side.

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it? Your kitchen’s location within the house reveals everything about your eating habits. Well, there is much more to it as well when you learn more. Because, the specific area (front, back, middle) all have different particular nuances, creating a full and detailed picture of a person’s life and habits. But we cover all those in our book, which I’ll link in the section below. 

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Want to learn more?

It’s possible to know people’s eating and cooking habits in much greater detail using this philosophy.  To the point of knowing what conversations people have at the dinner table, just from seeing their floor plan. But to be able to do this, you need to understand how a home is further segmented and each area’s exact influence.

This, and much more is detailed in our newly published book “Your Home Reveals Everything About You,” now available on In the book we show you exactly how each room in your home influences your life, and what small changes you can make which will transform your relationships, habits, and lifestyle.

“Your Home Reveals Everything About You” is written based on the teachings of Aur, Asia’s leading Feng Shui expert with over $5 Billion dollars in property consultations for over 200 of the world’s wealthiest and most influential individuals, including Forbes 100 Richest members, Politicians, members of Royalty and business leaders. She is the only Feng Shui expert who guarantees her accuracy and results. 

Aur’s student Vickghy Umythy wrote “Your Home Reveals Everything About You” as a way to share his mentor’s unique wisdom with the world.

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Kitchen Feng Shui

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