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Question: Aur, in one of your videos, you stated that feng shui fish tanks and water features in the hallways wouldn’t help in any way and may even bring sickness. Should I put it elsewhere or leave it? Or should I remove it completely?

Thanks for your question!

Let me answer by this by explaining a little more of how traditional Feng Shui differs from the Feng Shui I teach, and why.


Traditional Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors grew plants for food and commerce to survive.

To them having water meant the difference between starvation and prosperity. Whoever had access to fresh water was able to grow food abundance for themselves and their family.

They also believed it was auspicious (lucky) to have a hill at the back of the property to protect the plants and top soil from harsh winds which threatened crops.

That’s why Traditional Feng Shui schools state that it is good to have water somewhere in your house – for luck and prosperity.

Do we still grow and sell food to survive these days?

No. So we don’ need fresh water or a hill (thankfully). The advice is hugely outdated and misunderstood as something “esoteric.”

That’s why I never teach my students to have traditionally suggested feng shui fish tanks or water features in their home.

On the contrary, I tell my students to keep them OUT of their homes.


Here’s why:


The Truth About Feng Shui Fish Tanks

Any unnatural body of water will eventually collect bacteria and pollutants.


Think about it…

Even when there is a pump that circulates the water in a water fountain or aquarium, after a short period you will see a build up of algae and bacteria in the water.


The problem is:

Over time, the water evaporates into the air, carrying with it the bacteria and other pollutants particles.

We can’t see it with our naked eyes, but when this happens, the water vapor spreads throughout your house. It enters your lungs as you breathe and weakens your immune system.


Moral of the story: don’t buy a Feng Shui fish tank or water feature.

You’ll end up with a weakened immune system which leaves you more prone to allergies, illness and mood swings leading to arguments with others in the house.

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