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Are “Feng Shui” Fish Tanks Good?

Are “Feng Shui” Fish Tanks Good?

Q: Aur, you said that feng shui fish tanks and water features in the hallways could make people sick.

Should I put it somewhere else or remove it completely?

Great question!

I’ll answer in two parts:

Firstly, I’ll share why traditional Feng Shui says water is good to have and…


I’ll explain what has changed that makes this wrong in today’s society:

Traditional Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago, when Feng

Shui first appeared…

Most of our ancestors grew plants for food and commerce.

For them, having water meant the difference between starvation and prosperity.

If you had water…

You could grow crops, raise animals, provide for your family and create value for your community.  

The richest people were those with fertile land and a constant flow of fresh water.

This is why original Feng Shui Masters would say it’s good fortune to have water on your land.

By the way

This is also where the idea came from that it is auspicious (lucky) to have a hill at the back of your property.

When there’s a hill…

It protects your crop and topsoil from harsh winds that could destroy a harvest.


So there you have it:

That’s why Traditional Feng Shui practitioners say it’s good to have water in your house – for “good luck and prosperity”.

They’re simply following the old Feng Shui rules from back when we grew our own food.


Do we still grow and sell food to survive these days?

For most of us, no.

We thankfully don’t need a water source (or a hill). We have modern plumbing and completely different livelihoods.  

This popular Feng Shui principle is hugely outdated.

…And misunderstood as something “esoteric” or to do with “chi” energy….

That’s why: 

I never teach my students to have fish tanks or water features in their home.

On the contrary, I tell my students to get rid of them asap.

Here’s why:

The Truth About Feng Shui Fish Tanks

Any unnatural body of water is bad to have in the house. 

Think about it…

Even when a pump circulates the water in a water fountain or aquarium…

…After a short period:

You will see a build-up of algae and bacteria forming in the water.

Here’s the Problem:

All bodies of water collect bacteria and germs. 


As the water naturally evaporates due to surrounding heat sources, the germs and pollutants are dispersed into the air, carried by the water particles. 

We can’t see it with our naked eye, but…

This doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. 

Once the germs have entered the surrounding air, they spread throughout the house.

As we breathe in the contaminated air, the germs go to work on weakening our immune system. This leads to:

* Frequent illnesses for all of those in the house.

* More common arguments between those in the house due to emotional instability caused by the subtle bacterial bombardment your body experiences.


Moral of the story:

Don’t buy a Feng Shui fish tank or water feature.

You’ll end up with a weakened immune system. This will leave you prone to allergies, illness and mood swings leading to arguments with others in the house.

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How Your Kitchen Reveals Your Eating Habits

How Your Kitchen Reveals Your Eating Habits

Your Home = Your Life

Your home is a complete structural representation of you. Each room in your home connects to a different area of your life. Your living room represents your thoughts on social life while your kitchen reveals your health and how you like to eat. We call this connection between life and structure – Feng Shui.

By looking at a person’s kitchen Feng Shui, we gain insight into how they like (or don’t like) to cook. Plus, how they interact with others they eat with at home, and what style of food they enjoy.

But first, we need one more piece to the puzzle. The way in which the location of the kitchen influences a person’s behavior. The answer to this is already in your mind, or more accurately, your brain.

Feng Shui kitchen

You’ve probably heard of the theory about how the brain’s left and right hemispheres have different functions and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. What people don’t realize is that it isn’t logic vs. creativity. It’s masculinity and femininity. Ying and Yang.

Everything in this universe is a balance of two opposing forces. There’s an up and down, dark and light, left and right side to everything. It’s similar to your brain too. There are distinct male and female sides to everything.

Your home is the same.


Kitchen Feng Shui

In your home, there is also a male side and a female side. Everything on the right-hand side of a structure is under the influence of masculine characteristics. On the other hand, a more feminine force influences all actions, habits, and motivations on the left-side of the property. Same as the brain’s two hemispheres.

Every action you take (including cooking) is influenced by where you do it. That’s how your home reveals everything about you.  By seeing where the kitchen is within a house, we can tell straight away tell a person’s cooking and eating habits. 

For example, individuals with a kitchen on the right side of the house tend to like variety over routine in the kitchen. They enjoy trying new foods and get bored easily with the same old thing every night. All of which are simply man traits. 

This is in direct contrast to the character of a person who’s kitchen is on the left-hand side of a property. These people rather stick to what they know rather than trying anything new at home. They’re inclined to eating in a routine fashion and are more conscious of presentation. These are feminine traits associated with that side.

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it? Your kitchen’s location within the house reveals everything about your eating habits. Well, there is much more to it as well when you learn more. Because, the specific area (front, back, middle) all have different particular nuances, creating a full and detailed picture of a person’s life and habits. But we cover all those in our book, which I’ll link in the section below. 

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Want to learn more?

It’s possible to know people’s eating and cooking habits in much greater detail using this philosophy.  To the point of knowing what conversations people have at the dinner table, just from seeing their floor plan. But to be able to do this, you need to understand how a home is further segmented and each area’s exact influence.

This, and much more is detailed in our newly published book “Your Home Reveals Everything About You,” now available on In the book we show you exactly how each room in your home influences your life, and what small changes you can make which will transform your relationships, habits, and lifestyle.

“Your Home Reveals Everything About You” is written based on the teachings of Aur, Asia’s leading Feng Shui expert with over $5 Billion dollars in property consultations for over 200 of the world’s wealthiest and most influential individuals, including Forbes 100 Richest members, Politicians, members of Royalty and business leaders. She is the only Feng Shui expert who guarantees her accuracy and results. 

Aur’s student Vickghy Umythy wrote “Your Home Reveals Everything About You” as a way to share his mentor’s unique wisdom with the world.

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Kitchen Feng Shui

The Psychology of Color Vs. The Feng Shui of Color

The Psychology of Color Vs. The Feng Shui of Color

Human Psychology Colors Use

There’s a lot of scientific research about the psychological effects color. Many big companies commonly use these findings in their branding and marketing decision making.You’ll notice that most fast food chains often have mainly red and yellow in their logos.

This is because many studies firmly suggested that red triggers hunger, stimulation, and is an “attention grabbing” color. Whereas people generally associate yellow with happiness and friendliness. Combined, these colors create the perfect psychological effect most fast food chains want: happy and hungry customers.

In contrast, companies often use blues and greens for trust, tranquility, and relaxation. That is why accounting and insurance companies commonly use blue and green logos. On the other hand, most people consider white as pure, creating mental clarity and wiping the slate clean which is why companies always use it for cleaning products.

In the Mind

All of these color effects are simply in our mind. Most associations we have of each color are the product of thousands of years of experience interacting with our surroundings.  Plus we’re trained culturally and socially every day to further deepen our associations between particular colors and certain products, actions, scenarios, and brands.

Imagine, you’re in the local supermarket. You’re about to buy a cleaning product for the bathroom. There are two cleaners available. One has a dark brown label. The other has a bright, white label. Which one would you pick? Most would almost automatically buy the white label product. We associate brown with dirt and excrement. This isn’t clean. While white is associated with clean tiles, white sheets, and healthy teeth. More aligned with or goal of “clean.”

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean your new white product does a better job of cleaning the bathroom. It’s only your psychological reaction and preference. It isn’t the color’s true effect on its surroundings.


Feng Shui Colors Use

Everything in nature is made up of the same four elements. Even colors. We all know at least some of them instinctively. Like blue is water. Red is fire.

From the viewpoint of Feng Shui Colors work similarly to the elements they represent. They affect each person, and house, differently. Because, every person, and house, has their own elemental strengths and weaknesses, or “elemental makeup”. For a person, it’s based on the moment they were born. The Sun and the Moon’s positioning at the time of their birth influence the levels of water and fire in their body and sets them up for life with certain key physical and mental characteristics. That’s what makes each one of us unique, and why one person can eat all the cake they want and never get fat whereas others eat a cracker and become immediately bloated.

For an individual, this is based on the moment they were born. The positioning of the Sun and the Moon at the time of their birth influences the levels of water and fire in their body. Unbeknownst to them, their birth time sets them up for life with certain key physical and mental characteristics. That’s what makes each one of us unique. It’s why one person can eat all the cake they want and never get fat whereas others eat a cracker and immediately becomes bloated.

Be Careful with Feng Shui Colors

It’s all because of the levels of different elements in our bodies. If any Feng Shui consultant or Interior designer tells you that a particular color will make you anxious, or powerful, or “attuned”, or energized, or otherwise, ask them how. Ask them why YOU specifically will experience this effect and how this is different from another. If they can’t explain it in further detail, then they don’t know nature’s true use of Feng Shui color. They’re only referring to the known psychological effects of color. In reality, colors can make a person sick to the point of no return or abundantly rich, and everything in between.

Feng Shui Colors affect each of us differently

That’s why a fire color such as red will affect each one of us differently. For someone who has higher levels of water in their bodies, fire colors will affect them one way. It could make them more active (think of boiling water). Whereas for people with more fire in their bodies, fiery colors can result in more attention from friends (think of a flame becoming brighter).

To add to all this, a house has its own unique elemental makeup too. That’s why a person’s life can change completely when changing where they live. Each house’s elements interacts with the individual’s elements differently, and the right colors for that house will depend on 1. The elemental strengths and weaknesses of the property and 2. The inhabitants own elemental characteristics.

That is why, Red in one house may make Person A rich but Person B, sick. Whereas if they both move to a different house, that same Red color might make Person A lose their money and Person B spends all or most of their time out of the house.

Colors aren’t as simple or harmless as they seem. Without the correct guidance or true knowledge of Feng Shui colors, it is difficult to use them correctly. Be aware when asking for color advice that the person actually knows what they’re talking about. For God’s sake. Please, don’t buy any colored items for a house because they say it brings “good luck” or something just as ludicrous or ambiguous. Ask for real reasons and real results.

Thanks for Reading!

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Can Wind Chimes Save Lives?

Can Wind Chimes Save Lives?

Feng Shui consultants often recommend buying wind chimes to dispel “negative energies” and even attract money, health, friendship.

But what the hell are they talking about?

If wind chimes were so great, wouldn’t shop owners who sell wind chimes be secret billionaires who never had a bad day?

The truth is, even most self-professed “Feng Shui Masters” don’t truly understand how wind chimes (or many other “Feng Shui cures”) actually help. That’s why when you ask them about it, they’ll give you vague answers and…

have trouble explaining what the real benefits of having wind chimes are and how to use them.

We asked Feng Shui Expert, Aur, what was really going on with the little wooden and metal songbirds.

Aur, is it good to have wind chimes?

First, let me ask you something…

Do you have government provided electricity at the front of your house? Like low-voltage power lines or transformers? If so, you might need a wind chime.

Here’s why:

All wires, transformers, and power plants emit various forms of electro and/or magnetic radiation. Engineers have found great ways to reduce most high-frequency radiation Ultrasonic (with shielding and insulation), which was believed to be the most dangerous. Until recently.  

You Can’t Stop All Radiation

The problem is…

…By nature, certain radiation cannot be stopped with insulation.

And now, scientists are only just realizing how damaging these subtle electromagnetic waveforms can be (that’s a link to an interesting scientific article on electromagnetic energy and our health).

Some studies have gone so far as to suggest a link between certain cancers, including childhood leukemia, and prolonged exposure such electromagnetic radiation.

Some studies have gone so far as to suggest a link between certain cancers, including childhood leukemia, and prolonged exposure such electromagnetic radiation.


Sound Disrupts Radiation

Fortunately, there is something that can lessen the negative influences of radiation:

Sound.  Like radiation,

Like radiation, sound is also a waveform which affects and travels across the same air particles as radiation.

When the two opposing waveforms meet, they disrupt each other. See how we are slowly circling back to the wind chimes? Anything that makes a sound can counter radiation to some degree.


The Wind

The wind carries many things, including electromagnetic radiation.

This is because:

The charged energy in the air affects the tiny air particles which move with the wind flow (Feng Shui).

Starting to see the real reason wind chimes are such a great natural remedy?

When the wind blows to your home (carrying the charged particles with it), the wind chimes start to tinkle, lightly disrupting subtle negative EM effects.


Size Matters

Read this before you go to Amazon looking for wind chimes.

A small wind chime won’t help much if…

There is a large power station at your doorstep.

Be aware when you choose a place to live that there aren’t any large transformers or power stations in front of the building.


Harmony and Tones

Don’t worry too much about how loud or softly your wind chime is or what tone they make.

Any wind chime should fine.

Remember, some of the most powerful sounds are those which we cannot even hear, like Infra & Ultrasonic sounds, which are created by the natural harmonic overtones produced by wind chimes.

Wind Chimes Go Outside

Before you comment below asking about placement, let me say this.

There’s no need to place it in the South West, South, East or whichever direction’s corner. Unless…

That’s where the wind blows from. If there is no wind, there is no sound from the wind chime.

No sound… no point.

The best place for wind chimes is outside between yourself and the source of the electrical pollution. Otherwise, what’s the point? Real Feng Shui isn’t about pleasantries. It’s about results.  

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4 Spiritual Products which don’t do what you think..

4 Spiritual Products which don’t do what you think..

“Spiritual” is big business these days. Make sure that – before spending your hard-earned money – you know what you’re buying. Remember, mindfulness is free and so is aspiring to become a better person. But, we live in a material world, and Hey! Who doesn’t like to shop?? So, here are 4 common spiritual products which don’t do what people think they do. 

Spiritual Products #1 – Home Cleansing Sage Sticks


Many consider ritualistically burning sage in their home to be cleansing. They believe that it absorbs conflicts, anger, and evil. Many walk around with burning sage after moving into a new house or when experiencing “bad” situations in their life. were Some people simply do a seasonal “cleanse” now and then.

Now, the burning of herbs in this sense has been around for thousands of years. But, it doesn’t ward off spirits or clean a space’s chi or energy. For thousands of years, our ancestors used the smoke from different herbs, for their health benefits. Sage, along with rosemary, coconut husks and other natural smoky materials naturally have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant properties. They’ve long helped protect people from harmful illnesses (or “evils”). Our ancestors knew that using this smoke in their homes would keep them healthier and happier. That’s why they used it. Nothing to do with “energy” or the metaphysical.

Spiritual Products #2 – Himalayan Salt Lamps


These lamps are popular in crystal and spiritual shops. Himalayan Salt Lamps are seen to have calming effects and good for your overall health. People believe they help improve moods, reduce negative influences from electricity, improve sleep and increase their energy levels. They’re also pretty to look at. These lamps are extremely popular these days. Households around the world now have one.

Before we discuss how salt lamps effect our health, let’s talk about the ocean. Many people love living near the ocean. As an Australian myself, I understand the draw of the deep blue green just as well as the other 80+% of Australians living on or near the coast. But, have you ever stopped to think about how the constant sea breeze affects your health? The constant inflow of salt particles, over time, causes similar health problems to that of a highly salty diet. In the long term, this barrage of sodium weakens people’s kidneys and lungs, causing a myriad of health issues. Additionally, because it’s air born, the salt particles dry out the skin and cause people to show accelerated signs of aging and lose their skin’s natural elasticity at a relatively young age.

Salt lamps also release salt, into the air with similar long-term effects. In the short term, chemicals present in addition to the salt particles have euphoric qualities. Basically meaning that people get a little micro-high from these lamps, which is why they’re enjoying all of that deep sleep.

Spiritual Products #3 – Tibetan Prayer Flags


These colorful square pieces of cloth are frequently considered as good luck items for any house, with powerful prayers and symbols written on each. People believe that the prayers and mandalas create positive energy for the surrounding area as the blow in the wind.

It’s not entirely far from the truth. Tibetan prayer flags are used for protection from evil entities and misfortune. Each of the prayers have a meaning and power too. However, without a monks blessing, they’re useless. The most powerful thing in the whole world is the mind. So, the power of any blessings, spells or prayers depends entirely on the person performing the ritual. Real Tibetan flags, when used, are accompanied by a blessing ceremony performed by monks with years of practice cultivating the powers and focus of the mind. It’s their mind’s power which creates the effectiveness of the flags’ protection. So, although authentic Tibetan flags can be powerful objects, without the right mind or prayer, they’re not much more than just pieces of cloth.

Spiritual Products – Feng Shui Water Features


Traditional Chinese Feng Shui associates Water with money. This is why they consider it good “chi” to have flowing water within a house. They believe it represents the flowing of money into a person’s life. It’s also commonly said that flowing water pools positive or auspicious chi energy. In turn, allowing wealth and abundance to flow into your life with fresh opportunities.

But, like we explain in our new book “Your Home Reveals Everything About You”, this is because of antiquated advice used over 2,000 years ago. In the past when we all mostly farmers, having water on your property meant you were able to grow crops and feed animals. How much water you had literally determined your wealth. That’s why it was seen as good luck or beneficial to have water on your property.

The problem is that we don’t grow our own crops anymore (well, most of us don’t). Also, water is pumped directly into our homes without needing to dig it up or carry it. It’s already good luck just be to alive in a time of such wonderful convenience if you think about it. So the advice is outdated. But more importantly, it’s detrimental to our health and relationships. 

Think about it. When there is an unnatural body of water, bacteria and other organisms start to collect and thrive. As the water naturally evaporates slowly into the atmosphere, these pollutants spread into the surrounding atmosphere. If placed in your home, you breathe in these impurities, in turn affecting your immune system. Basically, having a water feature will make you sick more often, and moody, and result in more frequent arguments in the house.

Aim of the story

Be careful when buying “spiritual” products. Remember, everything in this world has a reason. But sometimes the reason is pure capitalism. Just think before buying things and always look for logic and reason when purchasing new age or spiritual products.

Modern Vs Ancient Architecture

Modern Vs Ancient Architecture

The Good Ol Days

Before air conditioning, fridges, anti-bacterial wipes and Febreze spray, our ancestors had to create homes which harnessed the natural world around us. They calculated the sun’s direction at all times of the year to allow sunlight into the home in the right places to kill bacteria and stay healthy.

They also thought to shape the buildings in ways which captured and circulated the air, even taking into account the fact that the wind changed direction every 3 months. These ancient structures had minimum dust and were mostly bacteria free. They were built to allow maximum airflow in the summer to keep the property cool when it was hot outside and minimum airflow in the winter, to stay warm. Every aspect of the design had a reason. It was about enjoying the best life possible using the natural surroundings to their benefit. 

This is where Feng Shui originates. It’s the study of how to control or guide, the natural elements in ways which better our lives.

Today’s Architecture

Unfortunately, modern architectural design has changed from its roots. These days, homes are designed for aesthetics, and what is believed to create the highest resale value. They’re not designed for airflow or health. That’s one of the main reasons why people are getting sick quicker, are constantly restless, and suffer problems with sleep. They’ve forgotten the real power and value of nature. It’s not only architecture which has become about looks rather than reason. If you look at our entire Western culture, we’re moving in this direction in all areas of our lives. That’s why spirituality has lost its depth and knowledge is so often neglected in this day and age. But, I digress.  

The point is that, when you ask people what benefits they would like from their home, they’ll tell you something along the lines of comfort or an asset for their future. When really, they could be looking for a home which ensures a healthy, happy family with money to spend.

So, ask yourself. What kind of home would you like? One using original natural architecture? Or modern artsy design?

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