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Which Weekday Astrology Character Are You? [Infographic]

Which Weekday Astrology Character Are You? [Infographic]

Weekday Astrology is:

The day of the week you were born reveals your personality, habits, health, mind, relationship and more…

Here’s why:

Similar to how the moon influences the tides, every planet in our solar system affects the natural elements around (and within) us.

They strengthen and/or weaken different natural elements within your body. This affects your minds, health and all other areas of your life.

The most significant factor is:

The location of the planets, at the time of birth, which creates a chain reaction that shapes your personality for life.

More on that later. First, let’s look at what Weekday Astrology character you are, from the weekday you were born:

(Keep in mind: If you were born before 6 am, you’re the previous day in this system.)


Each week, the planets align in predictable patterns.

In fact:

“Our original Babylonian calendars were inspired by the planets’ patterns and influences.” 


Like many other ancient natural sciences, the passing of time and verbally shared tales of history diluted the original profound understanding of our connection to the solar system. Which is why it became inaccurate and simply, folklore and myth.

Until now.

Here are the accurate profiles [from the infographic above] for each of the 7 Weekday Astrology archetypes and their driving characteristics.

These were shared by Aur, the only (known) Weekday Astrology expert. She has spent over 25 years studying, meditating, and researching this natural science and how it applies to your life. The results she’s found are astounding.


The 7 Weekday Astrology Archetypes


Sunday “The King”

Sundays feel important and look confident, at first. But, they have trouble seeing their own value. For them, the most important thing is whatever they think makes them “look good”. (Celebrity Sundays: Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Adam Levine)


Monday “The Housewife”

Mondays live their life according to their feelings. They can be an angel one day but a devil the next. The good thing about them is that when they want something, they’ll do anything to get it. (Celebrity Mondays: Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Miley Cyrus)


Tuesday “The Soldier”

Duty comes first for a Tuesday person. Tuesdays are often specialists and good at their job but need structure. The only problem is, they don’t know how to control their emotions. (Celebrity Tuesdays: Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, PieDiePie)


 Wednesday “The Ambassador”

Wednesdays are normally quiet people. They only talk when they see something in it for them. Wednesdays seem tough on the outside but are soft sweethearts underneath. (Celebrity Wednesdays: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevingne)


Thursday “The Mentor”

Thursdays are stubborn. They do everything according to their own reason and think differently from others. They see things as important that others don’t care about. (Celebrity Thursdays: Marlon Brando, Chris Pratt, Stephen Hawking)


Friday “The Billionaire”

Fridays are lazy and always think about their benefit before doing something. They’re smart, charming and know how to talk. The problem is they judge everything from their point of view. (Celebrity Fridays: Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey)


Saturday “The Farmer”

Saturdays are quiet and private people by nature. They have a difficult time understanding their own emotions. They don’t take risks and slow to change. But, they are patient people. (Celebrity Saturdays: George Bush, Ellen Degeneres, Warren Buffet)


Btw, Aur is hosting a full LIVE 8-week Webinar class called “The Nature of You”: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery where she will share how every area of your life, from personality to finance, health and more are connected to the day you were born…

…Check out the “Class” page for more info.

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Don’t know what day of the week you were born? Use this simple little weekday calculator to find out.

Put your Birthday in like this: May , 6, 1984.

Your Money Color – Weekday Astrology [Infographic]

Your Money Color – Weekday Astrology [Infographic]

Yes! Some colors will make you have more money every month.


…There’s no such thing a simple generic “lucky money color” for everyone.

In fact: 

The color that makes you have more money, will affect someone else differently.

That’s natural…

Every color impacts each of us in different ways. It’s because of the day of the week you were born.

(We’ll get more into that later.)

Here’s what color you can use in your daily life to attract more money and wealth into your life, depending on the day you were born:

How your personal money color works


You, every object, and color, around you, is made up of the same four elements. Earth, wind, water, and fire.

These same four elements are interwoven into your body, thoughts, personality, habits and behaviors.

But, the balance of the four elements is different for each person because of the huge impact the moon and the sun have on us from the moment we are born. Which is why…

…one person may have more dominant characteristics associated with docile water, whereas others are more active like the air, and so on.

(btw, we call this Weekday Astrology, or Taksa. For more about that, get in touch to find out when we’ll have our next online class.)

That’s why colors (connected to the elements) influence each of us differently. And why…

Your “lucky” money color won’t help someone else to get rich. It may make them moodier instead.

Because, the elements of the colors affect the elements in each of us differently.

Your Money color isn’t a “get rich quick” fix


“What comes in, must go out.”

When you use your money color, you’ll attract more money. But:

You will want to spend money too! Keep that in mind when using your Taksa money color.

The best way to be sure that can make AND KEEP more money each month is to use the right colors for that month that will attract more money to you while minimizing your spending.

Quick FYI: Ultimately, the best money colors change every month, just like the seasons and cycles of everything else in nature. (That’s why most of Aur’s students use her custom calculated colored wallet and purse sets).

Like this infographic about lucky money colors? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

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Are “Feng Shui” Fish Tanks Good?

Are “Feng Shui” Fish Tanks Good?

Q: Aur, you said that feng shui fish tanks and water features in the hallways could make people sick.

Should I put it somewhere else or remove it completely?

Great question!

I’ll answer in two parts:

Firstly, I’ll share why traditional Feng Shui says water is good to have and…


I’ll explain what has changed that makes this wrong in today’s society:

Traditional Feng Shui

Thousands of years ago, when Feng

Shui first appeared…

Most of our ancestors grew plants for food and commerce.

For them, having water meant the difference between starvation and prosperity.

If you had water…

You could grow crops, raise animals, provide for your family and create value for your community.  

The richest people were those with fertile land and a constant flow of fresh water.

This is why original Feng Shui Masters would say it’s good fortune to have water on your land.

By the way

This is also where the idea came from that it is auspicious (lucky) to have a hill at the back of your property.

When there’s a hill…

It protects your crop and topsoil from harsh winds that could destroy a harvest.


So there you have it:

That’s why Traditional Feng Shui practitioners say it’s good to have water in your house – for “good luck and prosperity”.

They’re simply following the old Feng Shui rules from back when we grew our own food.


Do we still grow and sell food to survive these days?

For most of us, no.

We thankfully don’t need a water source (or a hill). We have modern plumbing and completely different livelihoods.  

This popular Feng Shui principle is hugely outdated.

…And misunderstood as something “esoteric” or to do with “chi” energy….

That’s why: 

I never teach my students to have fish tanks or water features in their home.

On the contrary, I tell my students to get rid of them asap.

Here’s why:

The Truth About Feng Shui Fish Tanks

Any unnatural body of water is bad to have in the house. 

Think about it…

Even when a pump circulates the water in a water fountain or aquarium…

…After a short period:

You will see a build-up of algae and bacteria forming in the water.

Here’s the Problem:

All bodies of water collect bacteria and germs. 


As the water naturally evaporates due to surrounding heat sources, the germs and pollutants are dispersed into the air, carried by the water particles. 

We can’t see it with our naked eye, but…

This doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect you. 

Once the germs have entered the surrounding air, they spread throughout the house.

As we breathe in the contaminated air, the germs go to work on weakening our immune system. This leads to:

* Frequent illnesses for all of those in the house.

* More common arguments between those in the house due to emotional instability caused by the subtle bacterial bombardment your body experiences.


Moral of the story:

Don’t buy a Feng Shui fish tank or water feature.

You’ll end up with a weakened immune system. This will leave you prone to allergies, illness and mood swings leading to arguments with others in the house.

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How Your Kitchen Reveals Your Eating Habits

How Your Kitchen Reveals Your Eating Habits

Your Home = Your Life

Your home is a complete structural representation of you. Each room in your home connects to a different area of your life. Your living room represents your thoughts on social life while your kitchen reveals your health and how you like to eat. We call this connection between life and structure – Feng Shui.

By looking at a person’s kitchen Feng Shui, we gain insight into how they like (or don’t like) to cook. Plus, how they interact with others they eat with at home, and what style of food they enjoy.

But first, we need one more piece to the puzzle. The way in which the location of the kitchen influences a person’s behavior. The answer to this is already in your mind, or more accurately, your brain.

Feng Shui kitchen

You’ve probably heard of the theory about how the brain’s left and right hemispheres have different functions and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. What people don’t realize is that it isn’t logic vs. creativity. It’s masculinity and femininity. Ying and Yang.

Everything in this universe is a balance of two opposing forces. There’s an up and down, dark and light, left and right side to everything. It’s similar to your brain too. There are distinct male and female sides to everything.

Your home is the same.


Kitchen Feng Shui

In your home, there is also a male side and a female side. Everything on the right-hand side of a structure is under the influence of masculine characteristics. On the other hand, a more feminine force influences all actions, habits, and motivations on the left-side of the property. Same as the brain’s two hemispheres.

Every action you take (including cooking) is influenced by where you do it. That’s how your home reveals everything about you.  By seeing where the kitchen is within a house, we can tell straight away tell a person’s cooking and eating habits. 

For example, individuals with a kitchen on the right side of the house tend to like variety over routine in the kitchen. They enjoy trying new foods and get bored easily with the same old thing every night. All of which are simply man traits. 

This is in direct contrast to the character of a person who’s kitchen is on the left-hand side of a property. These people rather stick to what they know rather than trying anything new at home. They’re inclined to eating in a routine fashion and are more conscious of presentation. These are feminine traits associated with that side.

That’s it. Simple, isn’t it? Your kitchen’s location within the house reveals everything about your eating habits. Well, there is much more to it as well when you learn more. Because, the specific area (front, back, middle) all have different particular nuances, creating a full and detailed picture of a person’s life and habits. But we cover all those in our book, which I’ll link in the section below. 

Did you enjoy our article on Kitchen Feng Shui? Where is your Kitchen? Comment below and let us know.


Want to learn more?

It’s possible to know people’s eating and cooking habits in much greater detail using this philosophy.  To the point of knowing what conversations people have at the dinner table, just from seeing their floor plan. But to be able to do this, you need to understand how a home is further segmented and each area’s exact influence.

This, and much more is detailed in our newly published book “Your Home Reveals Everything About You,” now available on In the book we show you exactly how each room in your home influences your life, and what small changes you can make which will transform your relationships, habits, and lifestyle.

“Your Home Reveals Everything About You” is written based on the teachings of Aur, Asia’s leading Feng Shui expert with over $5 Billion dollars in property consultations for over 200 of the world’s wealthiest and most influential individuals, including Forbes 100 Richest members, Politicians, members of Royalty and business leaders. She is the only Feng Shui expert who guarantees her accuracy and results. 

Aur’s student Vickghy Umythy wrote “Your Home Reveals Everything About You” as a way to share his mentor’s unique wisdom with the world.

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Kitchen Feng Shui

The Psychology of Color Vs. The Feng Shui of Color

The Psychology of Color Vs. The Feng Shui of Color

Human Psychology Colors Use

There’s a lot of scientific research about the psychological effects color. Many big companies commonly use these findings in their branding and marketing decision making.You’ll notice that most fast food chains often have mainly red and yellow in their logos.

This is because many studies firmly suggested that red triggers hunger, stimulation, and is an “attention grabbing” color. Whereas people generally associate yellow with happiness and friendliness. Combined, these colors create the perfect psychological effect most fast food chains want: happy and hungry customers.

In contrast, companies often use blues and greens for trust, tranquility, and relaxation. That is why accounting and insurance companies commonly use blue and green logos. On the other hand, most people consider white as pure, creating mental clarity and wiping the slate clean which is why companies always use it for cleaning products.

In the Mind

All of these color effects are simply in our mind. Most associations we have of each color are the product of thousands of years of experience interacting with our surroundings.  Plus we’re trained culturally and socially every day to further deepen our associations between particular colors and certain products, actions, scenarios, and brands.

Imagine, you’re in the local supermarket. You’re about to buy a cleaning product for the bathroom. There are two cleaners available. One has a dark brown label. The other has a bright, white label. Which one would you pick? Most would almost automatically buy the white label product. We associate brown with dirt and excrement. This isn’t clean. While white is associated with clean tiles, white sheets, and healthy teeth. More aligned with or goal of “clean.”

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean your new white product does a better job of cleaning the bathroom. It’s only your psychological reaction and preference. It isn’t the color’s true effect on its surroundings.


Feng Shui Colors Use

Everything in nature is made up of the same four elements. Even colors. We all know at least some of them instinctively. Like blue is water. Red is fire.

From the viewpoint of Feng Shui Colors work similarly to the elements they represent. They affect each person, and house, differently. Because, every person, and house, has their own elemental strengths and weaknesses, or “elemental makeup”. For a person, it’s based on the moment they were born. The Sun and the Moon’s positioning at the time of their birth influence the levels of water and fire in their body and sets them up for life with certain key physical and mental characteristics. That’s what makes each one of us unique, and why one person can eat all the cake they want and never get fat whereas others eat a cracker and become immediately bloated.

For an individual, this is based on the moment they were born. The positioning of the Sun and the Moon at the time of their birth influences the levels of water and fire in their body. Unbeknownst to them, their birth time sets them up for life with certain key physical and mental characteristics. That’s what makes each one of us unique. It’s why one person can eat all the cake they want and never get fat whereas others eat a cracker and immediately becomes bloated.

Be Careful with Feng Shui Colors

It’s all because of the levels of different elements in our bodies. If any Feng Shui consultant or Interior designer tells you that a particular color will make you anxious, or powerful, or “attuned”, or energized, or otherwise, ask them how. Ask them why YOU specifically will experience this effect and how this is different from another. If they can’t explain it in further detail, then they don’t know nature’s true use of Feng Shui color. They’re only referring to the known psychological effects of color. In reality, colors can make a person sick to the point of no return or abundantly rich, and everything in between.

Feng Shui Colors affect each of us differently

That’s why a fire color such as red will affect each one of us differently. For someone who has higher levels of water in their bodies, fire colors will affect them one way. It could make them more active (think of boiling water). Whereas for people with more fire in their bodies, fiery colors can result in more attention from friends (think of a flame becoming brighter).

To add to all this, a house has its own unique elemental makeup too. That’s why a person’s life can change completely when changing where they live. Each house’s elements interacts with the individual’s elements differently, and the right colors for that house will depend on 1. The elemental strengths and weaknesses of the property and 2. The inhabitants own elemental characteristics.

That is why, Red in one house may make Person A rich but Person B, sick. Whereas if they both move to a different house, that same Red color might make Person A lose their money and Person B spends all or most of their time out of the house.

Colors aren’t as simple or harmless as they seem. Without the correct guidance or true knowledge of Feng Shui colors, it is difficult to use them correctly. Be aware when asking for color advice that the person actually knows what they’re talking about. For God’s sake. Please, don’t buy any colored items for a house because they say it brings “good luck” or something just as ludicrous or ambiguous. Ask for real reasons and real results.

Thanks for Reading!

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