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Hi, I'm Aur.

I’m a Lifestyle Mentor to 200+ of Asia’s Top Most Successful People

My private clients include Forbes 100 Richest members, Royal families, Politicians and Brands like Cisco, Philips, and The Intercontinental Hotel.

In my workshops, I share the tools I use with my billionaire clients with the public so they too can holistically transform their lives.

For 9 years, my TV show “Aur See You” on channel 5 documented my journey as I helped people change their lives using a combination of Feng Shui, Color Influences, and weekday astrology, attracting millions of Thai viewers each week. 

Now, with the vast opportunities through technology, my goal is to improve the lives of people ALL OVER THE WORLD by sharing how everything around you impacts your relationships, health, career and finances, and how to use this connection to your advantage.

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Want to know more about me? Read my life’s story.

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