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Get Aur’s First Ever Authentic Feng Shui book!

Your Home Reveals Everything about You

This book shows you exactly how your surroundings impact your life. With uncanny accuracy.

Grab a copy to learn how simple changes to your surroundings will transform your health, relationships, and finances – without the struggles of personal development.

Discover how every structure you work and live in affects your behavior, habits, and health – get the book today.

Aur is a World Class Feng Shui Expert & Mentor

Aur has provided consultations for over $5 Billion dollars worth of property and advised some of Asia’s most influential individuals, including Heads of State, Industry Leaders, Politicians, and Forbes 100 Members.

Her unique style allows anyone to know everything about a person’s life from their floorplan and then gives them the tools to change their lives with undeniable and tangible outcomes.

Aur is the only advisor of her kind in the world to guarantee her results (as far as we know).

Aur has 25 years experience with Feng Shui and other natural sciences, combined with 9 years airtime hosting a self-titled Feng Shui TV show. However, her greatest passion is teaching. Over the years she has taught her style of Feng Shui to 1,200+ students and wishes to share her knowledge with the world. Read her Story

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